Month of spooky songs, day 1:

"Dream Warriors" by Dokken.

This song was on the soundtrack of Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.



[ Prince ]


If I could get away with it…

  • I’d run my fingers through your hair.
  • and massage your shoulders.
  • and touch your boob accidentally.
  • and kiss you.
  • and touch your boob on purpose.

Wait, when did Michael Graves dye his hair blond and start singing for MCR?

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I knew I had to rise above it all or Drown in my own Shit…


Anonymous asked: are they playing... strip scrabble? how would that even work? 0_0


Depends how you like to play Scrabble, and how fast you want to get naked, really.

Option 1: every time you score over a certain amount for a word, e.g. 20, the other player removes an item of clothing. Moderately fast, and rewards clever play. Can be adjusted to the level of the players. A balanced option.

Option 2: choose a multiple of points, say 30, and every time someone reaches one of those milestones (30, 60, 90…), the other player removes an item. This essentially turns it into a race to accumulate points quickly, and has the dramatic effect that if you produce a really spectacular word, the other player might have to remove two or even three items in one go. Think of it as like landing a critical hit, only it inflicts nudity damage.

Option 3 (deathmatch option): every time you play a word which scores less than the previous word played, you remove an item. If you manage to score equal or higher, you survive intact. With bad luck or unbalanced play, this can lead to one player ending up naked before the other player’s taken their shoes off. Turns the game into an absolutely bloody struggle for dominance, because suddenly every point counts - if you can just find a place to play this word that will get you 20 points, not 18… This is how Rose and Sollux generally play when the Scrabble is really just the foreplay.

Option 4 (Tantric option): play a normal game. When one player reaches 100, the game ends, the board is cleared, and the loser removes an item. Then play again. To stop this taking the entire evening, impose timed turns, say 60 seconds, which means that good players will finish each game in ten minutes or less and someone could plausibly be naked in… two hours, barring horrible luck. This is what Rose and Sollux do when they actually want to play Scrabble, and the stripping is just to give it some added edge.

Long live Cliff…

I know the feeling, Marilyn.

I know the feeling, Marilyn.

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if u do not reblog in 5 seconds u will be sent 2 eternal skeleton hell and be haunted by this seemingly harmless skeleton. don’t risk it!!1image

Harryhausen skeletons…

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Just found my Halloween costume. *shifty*

Just found my Halloween costume. *shifty*

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